Our mission is simple: to provide stylish, sustainable and non-mass-produced products. We source our plant-based materials from different countries and work with artisans and craftspeople to bring you unique pieces that beautiful and socially responsible. 
But let's be real, sustainability can sometimes get a bad rap for being boring or preachy. That's why we like to have a little fun with it. Think of us as the mischievous little sibling of the fashion world, sneaking a little bit of goodness into every product we create.
So go ahead, rock those shirts, bags, footwear and accessories with pride.

You're good, Be Better.

Here's a look into some of the materials we use to create our beautiful products:

Apple Leather

Apple leather is a premium material made from apple peels. It is an innovative way to preserve the fruits we love - a biodegradable, stylish alternative to animal-based leather that helps you make the switch to conscious living. By using waste from the juice and applesauce industry, apples do not have to be specially planted or harvested just for this material. It also gives farmers an opportunity to generate a second income from their waste. 

Desserto (Cactus Vegan Leather)

Desserto is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made from Nopal cactus plant originating in Mexico. The cactus is grown in a rain fed plantation that is deeply committed to sustainability. Organic standards are followed throughout the entire process and the end product is an extremely durable and beautiful material.

Pinatex (Pineapple Vegan Leather)

Pinatex is a super luxury leather alternative created out of pineapple leaf waste. The leaf fibers are blended with corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) and mechanically processed to generate a non-woven mesh that serves as the foundation for the fabric. Pinatex creates new income streams for pineapple farmers allowing them to fully utilize their crops as the leaf waste also becomes a usable raw material.

Silicone leather

Organic Silicone Leather is an innovative material using the power of Silicone. It is an environment friendly material with incredible strength, flexibility and water-resistance. It is produced without the use of any harsh solvents and contains no PVC or PU, is washable and very easy to maintain.


PU is a synthetic material made from polymers which can be recycled. It is less chemically intensive than some natural leather processes such as tanning, and uses fewer resources to manufacture. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Hemp fabric is a new super material made of hemp fiber from the Cannabis sativa plant. The hemp fiber has the tensile strength of polyester fiber, but it has the softness and comfort of cotton. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we source our hemp directly from weavers who hand cut, sort and weave the fabric. Our hemp fabrics are durable and breathable, perfect for all season wear.

Kala Cotton
Kala Cotton is the oldest and most genetically pure strain of homegrown Indian cotton. It is 100% rain fed and grows naturally in the most arid and drought prone regions of Kutch requiring minimal water resources. It is considered to be one of the most energy-efficient and carbon neutral crops in the world while also creating a socio economic impact on the local farmers and small scale weavers. Kala cotton fabric is a beautiful skin-friendly fabric.


Linen is a biodegradable and durable natural fabric made from flax plant fibers. It has a luxurious feel and the beauty of it is that it gets stronger and softer with every wash. It can withstand high temperatures and is perfect for summers and is a hypoallergenic skin friendly fabric.